Mr. Bones Split Antler Medium

Mr. Bones Split Antler Medium


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100% natural recreational teether for dogs.


The deer antler is a very hard bone that doesn’t splinter, so it can last for weeks or months. It has a high content of calcium, phosphorus and minerals. Their chewing will keep our dog’s teeth healthy, strong and clean. In addition, it is a great ally to combat stress and boredom, and its marrow content will make it irresistible! This deer antler, being split, will make it easier to reach the marrow, the most attractive part. All deer antlers are collected from the forest after clearing, a natural process of changing antlers that happens once a year.

Available in several sizes, to adjust it to the needs of each dog.

Ingredients: 100%

Deer Antler Size S: 1 unit of 25 to 50g Size M: 1 unit of 51 to 80g Size L: 1 unit from 81 to 120g As they are natural products, the size and weight may vary. We recommend supervising during chewing.


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