Naked Dog Working Dog Rabbit 2x500g

Naked Dog Working Dog Rabbit 2x500g


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We promise not to rabbit on about it, but essentially fresh, raw dog food is the best type of food for your dogs, and Rabbit the most species appropriate for a dog.
Rabbit is packed with minerals such as Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium, in fact Rabbit has one of the best mineral nutrient profiles in all meats.
With the exception of Calcium, minerals are often the less discussed set of nutrients next to vitamins. Yet minerals are vital to health and very often only included in non-absorbable forms in dog foods. With fresh raw dog food from Naked Dog you can be sure your dog is receiving everything they need, including the minerals, and in a balanced form too.
All dogs love our Rabbit raw dog food meal!
This meal is created to be 85% meat including offal and 15% phyto-nutrition from plants, to include the extra vitamins and nutrients your dog needs daily. The bone content is aimed at 7% in this raw dog food.

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