JC Pets Clippy -Poo Bag Holders Yellow

JC Pets Clippy -Poo Bag Holders Yellow


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JC Pets Clippys – The perfect accessory to go with your JC Pets Poop bags.

  • The Clippy is a hands free poo bag carrier which will clip onto almost any accessory.
  • The Clippy can carry more than one poo bag making it the perfect accessory for long dog walks when there’s no bins available.
  • Simply tie a knot in your bag, pop the knot through the hole in the Clippy and slide the bag down the space provided.

Why carry another poo again?

The Clippys are made from a Bioplastic called PLA, this material is made using renewable plant resources such as cornstarch. This makes the Clippy compostable (not home compostable), don’t worry they won’t degrade until they reach conditions of 50%-60% humidity and 50-70 degrees Celsius temperature.

The Clippy length is 9cm in total.