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Poochie Park Enclosed dog field

Poochie Park is 1.5 acres enclosed dog park, our fence is 5’7″ at its lowest point and over 6′ at its highest, the fence continues underground too, there is double gate entry system. There is only one booking per time slot, so you have exclusive use of the park. Each booking slot includes loading and unloading your vehicle.

Poochie Park enclosed dog field enables dogs that wouldn’t normally enjoy off lead time to have 30 minutes or 60 minutes of free running, and lots of new smells. Other facilities include a shelter, picnic benches, flood lighting, poo bags, poo bins and running water.

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Important information

  • Please note – your time slot begins when you unload your dog from your vehicle and ends once you reload, the field will be used by reactive/nervous dogs, so please take this into consideration when deciding how long your slot needs to be. This is part of the T&C’s you agree to when booking a slot.
  • All dog poop must be collected by you and put in the bins provided, please DO NOT put any other rubbish in the poo bins either take it home or use the black bin outside the main gate.
  • Anyone failing to do this will be barred from booking the field in future. If you find any uncollected poop please let us know. There will be some rules and regulations which you agree to abide by when you book.
  • The park is a work in progress and we intend adding extra facilities over time, we love to hear any ideas you might have. Please also take a look at our frozen raw dog food over in Poochie Pantry
  • There is ample parking on site, however parties of more than three cars must notify Poochie Park in advance.
  • Poochie park is generally well drained but wellies are a good idea in winter, there are lots of trees for shade in the summer, which of course leads to lots of leaves in the autumn!
  • Bookings are in 30min or 60min time slots
  • We are open 365 days a year, 6:30am to 9pm.
Most Popular
    1-3 dogs, 30 mins
Dog Park, 1 Hour
1 hour
    1-3 dogs, 1 hour
Large Group
    4-7 dogs, 30 mins
Large Group, 1 hour
1 Hour
    4-7 dogs, 1 hour

Special Offer: Book 10x 30 Minute Sessions (1-3 Dogs) for the price of only 9

Simply book 10 sessions and the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.

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Please contact us directly if you have 8+ Dogs, or more than 3 cars attending a single session