Dental Care for your pets

Dental Care

Written By Anna Shaw for Poochie Park Ltd

With February being national dental care month we thought it would be the perfect time to discuss exactly why dental hygiene is important and what we can do as pet parents to prevent Periodontal disease.

Sadly it’s widely reported that Periodontal disease (which is caused by the build up of plaque and tartar in the mouth) can be seen in at least 80% of dogs over three years old and between 50-90% of cats over four, this is something that can also affect other organs within the body if left untreated. Good oral hygiene practice can help to prevent and and even turn around the effects caused by periodontal disease as long as it hasn’t progressed to the second stage.

How to help

Regular brushing and a quick check inside the mouth from a young age is important as it teaches pup/kitten there is nothing to fear. If you have a nervous dog or one that runs away at the sight of a toothbrush then begin by using your finger to rub around the gum lines to build confidence and then move along to a finger brush or toothbrush.

What to use

There are many products available on the market such as Dorwest Roast Dinner Toothpaste and if your pet isn’t happy with toothpaste we have Herbal Pet Supplies Pearly Whites Powder which you simply add to their food. This blend works by reducing the acid in their saliva which forms plaque, also gently removing plaque from the teeth and leaves your pet with fresh breath.

Herbal Dog Co All Natural Plaque Protect is another fantastic powder which will not only freshen your dogs breath but also help to reduce tartar build up and is once again added to their food, but remember that brushing and checking their mouths a few times a week is still a must even with products as wonderful as these!

One product in in particular that has taken the pet world by storm is LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Dental Care which is a good bacteria (probiotic) sourced from plants making it not only vegan but eco friendly and chemical free. It helps to restore a healthy balance to your pets mouth and stops harmful bacteria in its tracks cleaning the teeth, sockets and gums whilst reducing any inflammation.

Natures very own toothbrush – Raw Meaty Bones

Chewing on raw meaty bones not only provides stress providing mental stimulation and a work out for their jaw muscles, but also a full floss and clean from the abrasive motions of chewing and tearing through muscle meat, connective tissue and bone, this helps to maintain those shiny white teeth and healthy gums.

When feeding raw meaty bones there are of course some things to consider such as where the product is sourced, to steer clear of machine cut bones (these may be sharp and cause abrasions to the gum line) and of course to use an appropriate bone for your cat/dogs breed and size avoiding weight bearing bones that can cause fractures.

• small dog/cat – a chicken wing or foot
• medium dog -lamb ribs, chicken/ duck carcass
• large dog – veal spine and neck


When we talk about treats for teeth and gum health we aren’t talking about carb filled sticks filled with synthetic ingredients, we are talking about 100% natural chews with no hidden nasties that also help to scrape the Plaque from those gum lines and once again provide minutes to hours of chewing fun, think of pizzles, beef or lamb tails and real hide! These will also help a puppy through their teething stages.

All of the products mentioned above are available in store and online at Poochie Pantry and if you have any questions or advice is needed please don’t forget that we are only a phone call or email away!

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